Why Creating Video Content Matters

by | Feb 23, 2017 | Entrepreneurship


Creating video content has never been more important in the entire history of video creation than right now. Why is that?

Simply put, because of the internet. It has completely changed our way of life – but of course you already knew that. So why video specifically? Let’s take a look…

In the past decade, video creation has proven to be one of the biggest risers in tech and has shown no signs of slowing down. In fact, as technology advances, so will the way we create video and access it. Nowadays, anyone with internet access and a basic camera can create a video and upload it online to YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, etc..

The average person actually spends more time viewing digital video than they do on social media! Brands all over the World have been actively changing their marketing strategies and budgets to include video creation as a top priority because they know that without it, they will get left behind and lose engagement. In fact, a study by Cisco actually stated that 90 percent of internet traffic will come from video.

If what I’ve told you so far hasn’t sold you on why creating video content matters, well, check these statistics out..

YouTube is considered the 2nd largest search engine.
YouTube has over 5 billion hours of video viewed per month!
There are more than a billion YouTube users.
Experts believe that by 2020, more people will be watching YouTube as a source of entertainment than cable television.

So what will creating video content do for you/your business?

  • Video creates a unique emotional connection with viewers
  • You can repurpose your content for other uses (images, behind the scenes access, etc.)
  • As stated before, video will enhance branding and marketing efforts
  • Video embedding allows unlimited reach throughout a multitude of sites
  • Video has longer engagement periods than anything else

What does all this mean?

You NEED to stay ahead of the curve and get into creating video if you don’t already do so. And if you don’t know where to begin, the good news is it has never been easier to start.

Stay tuned for more posts on video creation and why it’s important to not only shoot quality videos, but to also learn how to properly advertise and actually rank your videos for optimal performance, ROI and as I like to call it, the “virality” of a video.