Unwanted Gift Cards? Turn Them Into Cash Today!

by | Feb 15, 2017 | Money Hacks

If you were to look right now, how many gift cards would you say you have sitting in your wallet, purse or in some other spot around the house just waiting to be used? 1? 3? 7? More?

I’m sure most would agree they tend to always have unused or unwanted gift cards laying around that they don’t know what to do with. I’ve certainly been there. But that was before I found a way to turn those unwanted gift cards into cash. And no, I’m not talking about selling them to some shady guy off of craigslist at a discount (although I’ve tried this). I use Raise.com.

What is Raise? It’s an online marketplace which allows users to buy or sell gift cards from almost all major brands or restaurants! You can sell any gift card (partially used or brand new) at a price YOU decide on. Your card then becomes listed on the marketplace for anyone to buy! There are thousands of Raise users so you should have no problem finding a buyer for your card! Yes, even for that “The Body Shop” gift card you got 6 years back from your crazy aunt Debbie for your birthday!

But like I already mentioned, Raise.com isn’t just for you to sell unwanted gift cards! You can also get some really good deals on gift cards that other people are looking to get rid of! My 1 tip for you is that if you are planning to go shopping or out to eat somewhere, check to see if you can get a gift card for that place first! Often times it will work out where you save money doing this!

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Your turn! Do you have unwanted gift cards you’re looking to sell?

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