Honest Review of The Knowledge Business Blueprint

by | Jun 30, 2019 | Entrepreneurship, Reviews

The Knowledge Business Blueprint – A Quick Review


I originally stumbled across the Knowledge Business Blueprint through an ad on Instagram which mentioned a free online training.  I saw who was behind the product and said to myself that I couldn’t miss it.  I mean, when else will you get free training from Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi?

During the training, I took notes on what was talked about and was super impressed by what was presented. The training really sparked something inside of me and I realized just how big the knowledge industry was going to get. That said, the course isn’t cheap and I wasn’t looking for another course (as I’ve already bought so many others that never worked out).

I decided to wait. Each day for a week, all I could think about was the potential and what I was missing by not investing in the course. So I finally pulled the trigger and bought it! And boy am I glad I did! I’m not through the entire course yet, but I’ve already learned so much. The Mindmint software is super powerful and the training in the Knowledge Business Blueprint is worth well more than what you pay for it.

There’s a lot to break down within the course, but instead of laying everything out here, I found a great post that gives you a high level overview of each module.


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