How To Get $20 Free From NetSpend

by | Oct 6, 2016 | Money Hacks

How To Get Your $20:

1.) Sign up for a NetSpend account for free by clicking here. Make sure to use referral code “6414771618” or you won’t get that sweet $20 bonus!

2.) You will receive your NetSpend Card within 10 business days. Mine took less than 5 days to arrive.

3.) Once you receive your card you will need to log in to your NetSpend account and active the card.

4.) This is important: In order to be eligible for your free $20 bonus, you must load your NetSpend card with $40 or more. This can be done through any number of their deposit methods however I would recommend using PayPal or the “Free Instant Bank Transfer”.

5.) After the $40 hits your account, NetSpend will credit you with the $20 bonus within 2 business days!

6.) Now your card balance should be $60 or more and you are free to do with it as you see fit! If you’re looking for the bonus in cash, take your card to an ATM to withdraw the money (for a small fee) or spend the money on gas or groceries! Or, do what I did and treat yourself! Besides, you just got a free $20 thanks to NetSpend!

*Terms and Conditions Apply. Please review them prior to opening your free NetSpend account. Only available in the US at this time. New members only. If you already have a NetSpend account – make sure to share this tip with friends and family!

Thoughts? Comment below if you’ve collected your free $20!!

NetSpend Bonus

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