How To Buy In Bulk Without Paying Membership Fees

by | Nov 14, 2016 | Smart Shopping

If you’ve ever been to a Sams Club or Costco, you know that buying things in bulk is awesome. For one, buying in bulk is almost always the cheapest route to go. Another reason to buy in bulk is because it means you’ll make fewer trips to the store! You can also get pretty much anything you might need from these warehouse clubs, from food (and free samples!) to toiletries and even new car tires. Again, pretty awesome right? Well normally I would say yes, but the one big downside to these warehouse clubs are the annual membership fees you are required to pay if you want to shop there. If only there was a place you could buy in bulk without paying membership fees…

Wait! There is! (Bet you didn’t see that coming)

Introducing Boxed is changing the game when it comes to buying in bulk. Not only do they offer a lot of similar products those big warehouse clubs have for similar prices, but they will also ship products direct to your door so you never even have to leave the comfort of your home! And the best part? There are ZERO membership fees! None! That means you save money, time and gas!

How to Buy In Bulk Without Paying Membership Fees

Buy in Bulk Without Paying Membership Fees!

Now you may be thinking to yourself that this seems too good to be true. “What’s the catch? Slow delivery? High shipping costs?”. Well, quite frankly there is no catch to shopping at Most delivery orders arrive within 2 business days and you even get free shipping on your first order, as well as on any order over $75! By shopping with Boxed, you’ll also get 1% in cash rewards on the total purchase price of your order for every purchase you make.

The only problem I have with Boxed is that I can’t get those delicious free samples of food while I’m shopping like at Costco or Sams Club. However, you do get 2 free samples of products for every order you make! Oh yeah, you can also shop anytime and anywhere with their smart phone app! I honestly can’t say enough good things about Boxed. You must try them out.

If you are checking out Boxed today, make sure to use our referral link ( to get $15 off your first purchase of $60 or more! That means you get free shipping plus $15 off your first order!

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